Our Grief Programs

Some of our featured programs include:

The Mystery of Grief

We help participants begin to understand their grief and discover hope for healing by sharing ten essential touchstones to mend your heart.

Understanding Your Grief

This  7-8 week long class is based on the work of Alan Wofelt PH.D.

Traumatic Loss: Surviving Sudden Loss

Sudden Loss creates unique problems for those left behind.

Some of our other programs throughout the year and as requested:

Mothers’ Day Remembrance Tea

An annual afternoon tea to honor and remember our mothers’ lives.

Memory Gardens Workshop

Create a living tribute, a memory garden, to your loved one.

Walking for Grief Resilience

This group will promote both mental and physical healing.

Cooking For You

Roll up your sleeves for a hands-on workshop.

Hope for the Holidays

A free workshop highlighting ideas to handle the holidays and other special occasions.

‘Elf’ Movie Matinee

A Christmas matinee showing of a favorite holiday film in exchange for a food donation.

Loss of Spouse Support

A group with a balance of story sharing and coping strategies specific to the loss of a partner.

Managing Your Finances During Grief

This class reviews financial tasks after the death of a loved one.

Men in Mourning

For men who are experiencing loss, a peer led informal hour just for men.

Yoga for Grief Resilience

Discover Yoga as a beneficial way to bring awareness to the body and breath during your time of grief and loss.

Movie Night

Watching film in the company of others who share the common thread of loss can help us to connect our own feelings in a more concrete way.

Our original program was called “Aftercare” and was developed over 20 years ago. It remains the only program of its kind in all of Rhode Island. What began as a 6-week education and support group to meet the needs of our grieving families, now reaches out to the entire community. We now offer a wide variety of groups, workshops and resources for managing grief, adjusting to loss, reaching out and finding hope.